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At Perfect Smile Clinic, we are proud of our unique brand of gentle family dentistry. We are one of the Best Dental Clinic, dedicated to deliver world class dental treatments like Smile Design, Filling, RCT in Karol Bagh. We are fully equipped with the infrastructure and are managed personally by a team of multitalented experts guided by Dr. Gayatri and Dr. Atul Soin. Graduating from best dental institutes in India, they come with a wealth of experience in hospital, community and general dentistry.

Perfect Smile clinic was started with the unique concept of treatment planning where preference is given to sterilization and patient data, meeting and description of care and the follow up after treatment. Right from the days of its establishment we have strived and succeeded in furnishing the best quality dental clinic services.

The clinic aims at providing different specialties under one roof. We are using the latest equipments & technology available to ensure delivering the best treatment to our patients.

We follow universal precautions as approved by the IDA that makes us the best dental clinic. We autoclave (steam sterilize) our instruments and dental hand pieces. Some items, which cannot be autoclaved, are either disposable or sterilized using different methods like chemical solutions. All work surfaces in the treatment cabins are cleaned and disinfected after each patient. Our database is computerized for speedy access and recovery of records.

Our aim is to provide the best dental clinic specialties under one roof like Cosmetic Dentistry, Implanting, Smile Design,Filling, RCT in Karol Bagh. The customers have access to Aesthetic Dentists, Implantologist, Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Orthodontist and Periodontist.

Our best dental clinic resources reduce anxiety of those who are nervous about visiting the dentist. Our team of local, dedicated dentists and hygienists are fully devoted to the exact needs of every one of our patients. We look forward to advance the highest level of dental care to all our patients, and are happy to chat through the advantages of various dental treatments available, that could dramatically change the way you smile and even the way you live. Perfect Smile clinic offers the facility of single sitting RCT in Karol Bagh. The clinic also exaggerates of efficient and well trained staff that ensures one of the best dental treatments in Delhi. We take best care to understand the patient's needs and instruct them regarding the best possible treatment.

A smile is worth a thousand words. It speaks volume about a person and we are always happy to bring a smile on your face.

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Our Expert Doctors
Dr. Soin RCT Specialist in Karol Bagh

Dr. Atul Soin

BDS , MDS - Prosthodontics
17 Years Experience
Dr. Soin RCT Specialist in Karol Bagh

Dr. Gayatri C.Soin

BDS , MDS - Root Canal Specialist
15 Years Experience