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Keep your teeth white & shine

Conservative dentistry preserves the teeth in the mouth as much as possible. Dentists performing procedures to remove damaged or diseased tissue attempt to limit the amount of healthy tooth removed, and focus on procedures that will conserve the teeth when it is a viable option. Extractions may be considered if a patient’s tooth is too badly damaged to save. Services like braces, teeth whitening, and regular cleanings can also be available through a dental practice that focuses on tooth conservation.

In this approach to dental health, practitioners carefully evaluate dental problems to determine the extent of an issue and develop a plan of approach. Their goal is to maintain the integrity of the tooth in the mouth while successfully treating the problem and preventing a recurrence. During a procedure like a filling or a more invasive root canal, the dentist carefully removes infected, dead, and damaged material while leaving healthy material behind. A variety of approaches can be used in conservative dentistry to control the operating field and treat the tooth.