Our dental experts are always ready to provide best Crown and bridges treatment in Delhi. Dental experts may suggest crowning to replace a large filling, protection from tooth fracture, attach a bridge, to cover a root canal treated tooth and to cover a dental implant . It is also used to cover a poorly shaped or discolored tooth. They can lasts forever. Bridge may be recommended by the experts when one or more teeth are involved. A bridge allows the dentist to replace lost teeth without the use of a denture or dental implant. The new cemented tooth is called abutment. It works as an anchor for the bridge. Same as a Crown, patients have a choice to select the substance for bridge. The selection of material is based on the position, function and cost of the tooth. Generally porcelain or ceramic material is used for the bridges because of their similar color and inert character.

Before the crowning and bridging, damaged tooth is firstly shaped in size so that crowns and bridges will fix on it properly. After that dentist will take an impact of it to develop an exact copy for crown and bridge. A temporary crown or bridge is used to place on the crafted tooth while the permanent crown or bridge is being developed. When the permanent crown or bridge is prepared, the temporary one is replaced by the new permanent crown or bridge. They can repair patient’s smile, ability to chew properly.