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Tooth Colored Fillings

Perfect Smile Clinic is known for its best Dental filling in Delhi. Tooth colored filling is a method of restoring and imitating natural impression of tooth structure. It is used to improve the shape, size and color of the fractured or decayed tooth. It also helps to close the teeth gaping, repair cracked or fractured tooth cosmetically.

White filling is also a kind of tooth filling which nearly matches the natural appearance of the tooth. These fillings chemically combine with tooth structure and thus do not need the placement of any slots or pins in tooth structure to mechanically support them. They restore 85-95% of the natural intensity of the Teeth.

Tooth fillings are completely strengthened in seconds and show minimal tooth sensitivity. Firstly dentists will numb the particular tooth area and remove the decayed part. After the removal of that our dental experts clean the debris from the cavity and then tooth colored material is filled giving the tooth back its normal shape and structure. We at perfect smile use world class Composites for the restorations.

Dental Filling in Delhi

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

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