Dental Implant Services in Delhi

Our key service is to offer Dental implants in Delhi area. Dental implants are renewal or substitution of damaged tooth roots. It provides a strong substructure for permanent replacement of teeth. Our experts will match the color of the new teeth to the patient’s original teeth. Dental implant is affixed within the gums and jawbone, so the replacement will look and function just like patient’s original teeth. Dental implants like small screws are placed inside the jawbone surgically. It takes three to six months to develop tissues around the implant. Perfect smile deals with the best procedures for Dental implants in Delhi. After the healing of the gum, a hardware called abutment is attached by reopening the implanted area. Then gums are enabled two weeks to heal around that implanted area. The last step of this is tooth restoration. Traditional dentures are used to attach with the implants.

In certain cases immediate Implant loading is also possible. That saves the waiting period of 2-3 months. Patients can go back home with new teeth in just a single sitting.

Dental Implants in Delhi

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