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A post and core ( known as a "post" or "dental post") is a type of dental restoration used either to stabilize a weakened tooth or provide an anchor for a crown. Utilized when inadequate tooth structure remains to support a traditional restoration, it consists of the insertion of a small rod (known as a "post") into the root space of an affected tooth, leaving several millimeters protruding. The protrusion is then used to support a large filling, or anchor a crown.

Post is used inside the body of the tooth that has already served with the RCT procedure. Core is a part of restoration practice that shows out in the mouth that helps to hold a cap or crown. Posts are made up of fibers and metals like titanium, stainless steel etc. Post and Core treatment is used for damaged and badly mutilated teeth. These are used to support crowns and bridges. In some cases dental experts uses readymade posts and cores, whereas others are developed in the laboratory mostly to fit the tooth.