Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

Single Sitting RCT

Single Sitting RCT Perfect Smiles offers best Root Canal Treatment in Delhi. Endodontic (“endo” – inside, “dont” – tooth), also known as RCT. RCT is required when the tissue inside the tooth gets infected. This pulp cavity or injury damages the root. Cause of this could be tooth decay, damage such as root fracture, replicated dental procedures like filling replacement and gum diseases. If it is left untreated, can cause pain or cause ulcer so Root Canal or Endodontic treatment is the only way to save injured tooth. Dentist make an opening across the crown of the tooth to the pulp cavity and cleans the pulp cavity and infections out of the canal. Root Canal Treatment involves cleaning out the infected pulp and nerve, disinfecting the canals and then filing it with an inert radio opaque material which will remain in the tooth and prevent further infections from occurring. In most cases this is followed by placing a cap or crown on the tooth to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Here in Perfect Smile, we use advanced techniques for Root Canal Treatment in Delhi. The strategy takes only one visit to the dentist and the treatment is less pricey than a traditional RCT method.

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

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